Art Colleges at Saatchi Gallery

The diversity and versatility of the Saatchi Art Gallery is demonstrated in the large number of colleges that are hosted on the site. Plus, the eclectic nature of Saatchi’s artistic approach to contemporary art is embodied within the cultures and worldviews represented by the diversity of the artistic pool available on the site. This is due to the fact that our open attitude toward universities attracts the most learned and brightest artistic minds around the world. The colleges and universities represented within the pool of academic institutions hosted on this site include some of the most well known and high producing visual and performing arts departments around the world. Such institutions as Yale University, Californian Institute of the Arts and the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig are just a few of the plethora of schools whose information regarding artistic opportunities and events is available on the Saatchi Gallery site.
The Saatchi Gallery also links to various colleges that are dedicated to design, fashion, performing arts and architecture. Such schools as Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, and New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology are hosted within the cyber-halls of the Saatchi Gallery. Other well respected artistic institutions hosted include Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague and College of Visual and Performing Arts in North Dartmouth (United States). The variety of colleges and universities also offer a very large number of study paths along which one may travel toward mastery in the arts. To the colleges and universities themselves, the site provides an invaluable networking opportunity, through which the institutions may build relationships that deepen the artistic resources they offer to their students and to the public at large.

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