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There are many things that you can find in the internet including the chance to create an online business. It is already done by many people because there are many fields that you can try;  whether using some capital or not. The benefits of using or involving internet in a business are many. First of all, the world wide network will enable a company or person to target a much larger market. Secondly, transactions can be done in seconds. There are many types of online businesses. One type is the creation of a blog to produce some money by advertising or you can simply promote a certain product or event.
For instance,  one promotional strategy is to create an article that you can submit for free, to article directory. There you can submit your articles and have a chance to have them read by millions of people. All you have to do is write a unique article with good quality that shows your knowledge and ability, and find a niche market.
The other interesting facet of  article marketing, is that they will allow you to take the article out from the website and put it in your own website or blog for free. There are many more things that are waiting for you, including promoting your own websites.