Automobile Loans – Get Hands on Your Dream Machine in No Time

Automobiles are absolutely necessary these days. Since automobiles are quite expensive, people prefer to go in for automobile loans. Automobile loans allow you to purchase the vehicle and use the vehicle also but the hypothecation of it rests with the financial institution till the loan is full repaid. Many banks and financial institutions offer various types of automobile loans. You need to carefully study most of these offers before zeroing down on any one of them. Some regular loans include advance EMI schemes, deposit payment schemes and margin money schemes. Depending upon the car you wish to purchase – standard or a premium one, a brand new one or a used one you can get almost 85 – 90% of the total cost of the car. Another criterion for determining the automobile loan is your income level too. Usually loans are to be repaid within a period of 1 – 5 years and in special cases repayment can be done within 7 years. There have been instances of automobile manufacturers tying up with a particular bank or a financial institution and providing some special automobile loan to the potential buyers. For e.g. Maruti Suzuki has tied with State Bank of India making automobile loans very easy to access to a wide population base spread all over India. At the same time, you have Bajaj Auto Ltd setting up its own company to disburse automobile loans through Bajaj Auto Finance. While opting for automobile loans you could opt for various below mentioned loans depending upon the vehicle you wish to purchase and it use. 1. New car loans 2. Used car Loans 3. Two Wheeler Loans 4. Three Wheelers Loans 5. Heavy Commercial Vehicles Loans 6. Sports Utility Vehicles Loans 7. Multi Utility Vehicles Loans The best time to opt for an automobile loan is as the financial draws to an end as you stand to gain good deals and bargains. This is because the car dealers and automobile financiers wish to improve their sales figures and do their level best to end the year well. Another valuable tip when opting for automobile loans is to opt for new car loan as the rate of interest is lower as compared to that of a used vehicle. At the same the current value assigned to the used vehicle is always a questionable factor. Automobile Loans thus speed up the ownership of your dream automobile and make you feel comfortable and happy when you can use it while paying off its loan as well.