Ben Silverman: The One Who Shapes Media Industry

Television (TV) network plays a very important role in modern life. TV is where we get information and it has the power to control public opinion. TV network also creates new trends from their shows. Not to mention that TV is also the best place to become famous. Those who appear on TV often, whether they are movie stars, musicians, or even politicians, could suddenly become famous people with lots of fans.

Behind the TV network, there are some people with strong influence and power who control the industry. Among those media moguls, Ben Silverman is one of the most famous. He recently held a position as Co-chairman of NBC and Universal Media Network. Ben Silverman is one of the most influencial names in the TV and media industry today. His fame stems from Emmy-winning TV programs created under his supervision as executive producer. Prior to a leadership position at NBC, Ben Silverman built his reputation in his previous work at the BBC, Disney Channel, USA Network and more. He produced some of the most successful and influencial TV shows like Ugly Betty, The Office, The Tudors, and The Biggest Losers. It seems like you can find his name in the running titles of the most popular shows on TV.

While he was at NBC, he made brilliant moves leading NBC a revival after losing huge hits like Friends, The West Wing and The Office. With his brilliant business intuition, he created new hits for NBC and developed a strategic partnership with a satellite television network. This brilliant business strategy lead him to achieve the Honorary Rose award in 2008. Once again Ben Silverman shows his sharp business intuition when he left his prestigious position at NBC to form a new company called InterActiveCorp (IAC). This company is the answer of fast growing new media platforms. IAC produces and distribute programs across media platforms, from TV to Web networks and even mobile devices.

Ben Silverman knows that media has very close relationship with the advertising industry. Media audiences offer the most potential for targeted advertising messages. That’s the reason why he formed a new company named Electus. This company offers integrated media solutions allowing content creators and branding partners to reach audiences like never before. Designed as next generation studio, Electus could deliver wide ranges of programming options for both traditional and new media platforms to reach their target market effectively.

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