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Okay, so you want to move out of the day to day running of the business – and you know that you have to ‘let-go’ of certain jobs to let your employees run your business.
I understand that contemplating this is very scary for most business owners.
Rest assured even for the best business owners, going through this phase can be a little challenging at times – yet the rewards of doing it far outweigh not letting go.
I guess you’re wondering how you can possibly rely on your staff to run your business the way you want, and expect, it to be run.
Here’s the key.
Your staff must be up to it.
And for them to be ‘up-to-it’ there are a few things that you need to have in place…
So let’s get into it…
Most business owners start their business doing ‘everything’ yet as the business grows they come to the realization that they can’t do everything anymore.
It just isn’t possible.
Yet it can be pretty scary handing things over to someone else to do.
Because you’ve done it so well, you may be thinking “what if the person stuffs it up”… or what if they don’t do it as well as you do it?
What will your customers think?
After all, you know all the hard work you’ve done to grow your business to this point – so you definitely don’t want anyone to stuff it up now!
This is especially the case if the business isn’t making great money. In fact that’s probably the most difficult time to ‘let-go’.
The thing that bugs most business owners that are in this position is this…
You know that to grow you’ve got to let go, but in letting go you’ve got to pay someone to do it, and if they stuff it up it’ll cost you money…
And you don’t want to lose money. And you don’t want your ‘baby’, your business to suffer.
It’s certainly an emotional time.
And because most business owners tend to be ‘control freaks’ and it can be hard letting go of the ‘control’.
Can you relate to that?
Well here’s the great thing…
… You don’t have to let go of the ‘control’
That’s right – you don’t have to let go of the ‘control’
… You just need to learn new skills that can help you ‘keep control’ when you have people working with you.
In fact I can show you how to have even more control over your business than you have right now… with the new skills and the new systems that I can teach you to put into your business – in just a few weeks, or months time – depending on your situation – you can ‘let go’ and at the same time gain more control
Is that something that would be of benefit to you?
Well let’s talk about it…
You see, when you ‘let go’ to enable someone else to do a job for you – you’re probably wanting to know a few things.
1. That they can do a great job
2. That they will do a great job
3. That the money you’re spending on them will pay off
4. And that they’ll continue to do a great job, without you having to continually check up on them.
So to help achieve these 4 things lets go through them.
Now – it’s going to sound really simple. The truth always is simple.
And that’s how I get a million or more in growth for the clients I work with…
# 1 – You want to know that they can do a great job.
To ease your mind on this, make sure you recruit someone with the right skills and test them on it so that they are up to your standard. If they aren’t, train them up, or get someone new. Simple – the key there is that you must have a great recruitment system – I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming business growth article.
#2. – That they will do a great job.
If you’ve followed a top notch recruitment system like the one I teach my clients – rest assured your employee will most definitely have the skill set… and they’ll also exceed another four key criteria that you must take every employee through.
If they you have done that – the employ will do what you require.
If they can’t you either train them up, or trade them out and get someone new that can do it.
#3. – You’ll want to know that the money you’re spending on them will pay off.
How will you know and measure this?
Well, once again, a top notch recruitment system is crucial for your employee to be able to breeze through this step. Let’s assume you’re following my recruitment system.
And you’re also following my recommendations on having key performance indicators so that you know exactly what returns you’re getting from each employee.
Now for any employee, you can put them on for a trial period. So trial them to make sure you’re getting your moneys worth.
If they’re not up to scratch train them up, or trade them for someone new.
#4. – You’ll want to know that they’ll continue to do a great job, without you having to continually check up on them.
Well, if you follow my recruiting system, my behaviour test method, and set up your business with 3 crucial elements to attract the right people … you’ll be home and hosed.
As well as the 3 key things I’ve just mentioned – there’s one key element that brings all 3 together – and if works brilliantly. Yet I reserve that especially for my 1-on-1 clients.
When you combine all 4 you can successfully let go seemingly effortlessly.
Be warned though…
Once you find a good person, they’ll fly through all your old jobs in just a matter of hours… the same jobs that used to take you weeks to do!
If you’ve ever hired someone good, you’ll know what I mean.
At this point you’ll have a new fear… which will be.
‘Can I bring in enough work to keep this person busy?’
Well that’s what I work with my clients on, growing your business to keep them busy!
It’ll force you to grow… and if you don’t you’ll lose money.
So it’s a lot of responsibility.
You need to look at the impact ‘letting go’ can have on your business.
All of a sudden, if you do it right – your business can lunge forward. Or if you do it wrong – it can drive you down.
Look at things like the impact of the extra wages you’ll be paying and work out your weekly, monthly and annual financial’s to calculate your new break evens and how much more you need to bring in so that the business will make a profit on employees working for you.
As well, figure out your marketing to bring in the additional business to coincide with their employment so that the business can be profitable and cash flow positive every step of the way.
Sound daunting?
Well that’s fine, that’s where I help my clients in my 1-on-1 business coaching program. And that’s how they can grow and keep profitable, and cash flow positive.
I have successfully stepped dozens and dozens of business owners through this phase so that they can grow their business.
I go through all the situations that may occur when you ‘let go’ and we plan and prepare you for it – so that if any of the situations arise, are prepared for it, and you deal with it effectively and efficiently.
Thus saving inordinate amounts of time, money and of course any emotional heart ache, and or stress. You’ll thank me for this!
You can let go when you have reliable employees.
We look at the impact of it.
The business owners were excited because they now had someone that could reliably do the tasks (and in most cases the new person could do it better)… now that they had let go they had more free time… so they had to go and grow the business.