Discovering the world of Fashion & Design in the stylish Milan

No plans for the coming summer? NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, has a lot of ideas for you!

Spend your summer in the inspiring Milano, the cutting edge of creativity.

Milan with its vibrant urban atmosphere and unmistakable creativity make it your next destination if you are looking forward to getting a close look at the world of creativity in Milan, the world capital of Fashion, Design and Communication.

Be part of a team made of young International designers, start creating and developing a project and meet new friends coming from over 40 countries around the world.

What are you waiting for?

NABA joins together students and professionals and integrates the more traditional disciplines with the new technologies and the project-oriented culture of Italian Fashion and Design. This approach derives from continuous experimentation and research of new trends and every summer attracts students and professionals from all over the world.

This summer do not miss the chance to take part in the Introduction to Graphic Design course at NABA from June 29th to July 10th. This course is oriented towards curious newcomers to the field of communication who wish to explore the links between urban communication and graphic design through a mixture of theory and practice to inspire a “totally refreshing view of Milan”.

The final output of this course will be a printed magazine conveying Milan’s character. After completing this course you could join NABA “Photography and the Moving Image Studio” course from July 14th to July 24th and learn how to make a short animation movie through the stop-motion technique. You will be offered the opportunity to express your creativity using flashlights and colour filters and to develop your knowledge of digital photography.

Would you like to have a closer approach to the world of editorial and fashion photography? The “Fashion Photography Studio” course, from July 14th to July 24th, might represent an interesting option for you.

This course will enable you to achieve a good confidence with light, with a digital camera and teach you how to work on different sets, be it a studio set with artificial light or an outdoor location. In addition to this, you will learn how fashion designers, photographers and editors interact with each other.

If you are more interested in discovering the macro-economic scenery of the fashion business in Italy and internationally in order to learn how to anticipate and analyze its changes; to develop, manage and implement an effective company marketing strategy and marketing plan, then the “Introduction to Fashion Marketing” course taking place on NABA campus from June 29th to July 10th, is what you are looking for.

This course can be completed by the “Fashion Merchandising Studio” course – from July 14th to July 24th – in which you will explore the dynamic context and the challenges the fashion industry is facing in the currently increasing global competitive scenery, with a focus on the fashion buying cycle, retail brand marketing in the fashion industry, net fashion, the internationalization of flagship luxury stores and many more interesting topics.

Are you thinking about studying Fashion Design but you don’t know whether this is the right choice? Why don’t you enrol in NABA “Introduction to Fashion Design” course (from June 29th to July 10th)?

Using global influences and trends as a starting point, this course introduces fashion to beginners by showing them how to use a theme to produce and present work that will prepare them for further studies in the fashion field. Art, crafts, culture and lifestyles from different ethnicities worldwide (Africa! India!) will be the ingredients  to put together and shake up to create a small collection of coordinated clothes.

Talks will be given during the course on Italy’s fashion system and on art related to the project. Students will also be sent to the best fashion zones in Milan and given lists of places to go and see out of lesson times.

After completing this course you can decide to continue with an exploration of the fundamentals of Luxury Accessory Brand collections in the “Fashion Accessories Design Studio” course from July 14th to July 24th.

The first part of the course is devoted to explore and identify the main European Luxury Accessory Brands: their strategies on the luxury market; the product development in terms of image; the communication strategy; the Italian-specific making methods.

Students will acquire the main basics skills to coordinate and develop a new luxury accessory brand.

During the course students will be introduced to the Italian Luxury Accessory Districts: they will visit handcraft shoe ateliers and the luxury shoe museum in Vigevano, manufacturing companies producing high luxury shoes in Riviera del Brenta, a leather library that is unique in Milan, as well as multi-brand show-rooms in Milan.

The second part of the course is focused on developing a project to create a new Brand of Luxury Accessories. From image design to the final presentation on the market.

Introduction level courses are aimed at whoever wants to start exploring the world of Fashion, Graphics and Design, whereas Studio level and Advanced level courses are meant for 1st, 2nd and 3rd  year university students and for professionals who would like to have a refreshing experience in a young international environment. Do not forget that you can attend Introduction + Intermediate level courses and take the 4-week Combined Session!

If you want to take part in our summer courses, don’t loose time and get in touch with us. We are about to close enrolments!

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