Free Education for Slum Children

From being a right, education suddenly became merely a privilege for those who have money. So, how about others? There are children living in the slums without getting any kind of education. At their early age, they are being forced to work and stay in the dangerous sides of the streets. There are many children who are dying because they are staying in accident prone areas like the highway just to earn money. These children were supposed to be in school studying. There are people who are trying to help these slum children.
Do you want to help? I know a great non-government organization that helps these children. Tarang- this is the organization. I am so glad when I knew about this organization. I never thought that there are still some people out there who want to change the world and bring a brighter future to these children. Tarang is an educational NGO in India. They have conducted a lot of projects and programs to help people.
Tarang is based in India but they aim to get many members as they can to be able to sprout out in different countries around the globe. You can also be a part of them. In their website, you will see a link that will allow you to join them in their advocacy. You can also send in your donations. Anything that will help give education for slum children will be appreciated. If you want to see the programs and projects if Tarang, it is all in their website too. ?