FX systems: why working with?

FX systems and using them is the most discussed topic among the traders the last time. It seems everybody knows about the advantages of automated Forex, but still the prejudice about using Forex software is walking among us. I just wanna say, why not? Why not to try using the FX systems and make your own conclusions? Well here is mine!
When I was trading the manual way, I felt really many disadvantages of such trading. The first one – you really get tired of sitting by the PC all the time. Logically, when you are tired – you’re inattentive. Logically again, when you’re inattentive, you can’t trade well!
The solution is in using FX systems. It really works. Forex trading system can be the saving for those who can’t sit by the PC all day long, for those, who are nervous, who can’t make decisions in milliseconds, as the Forex market requires. The best way to avoid the problems is in choosing the one of FX systems. But here where another problem is lying. What Forex trading system should the trader choose? There’s a great variety, but only few are really working.
My solution is in next. Find one of the FX systems that hold the next features: strong backtesting with the big testing period (Forex EA Shark is backtested for 11 years with tick data), the high winrate (Forex EA Sigma has the 91% winrate), the set of instruments for the Forex analysis (all of the Forex EAs have all the needed tools for that), the set of indicators for a successful trade (12 indicators in the Forex EA Shark!), ability to trade different styles (Forex EA Sigma is perfect for Asian Sessions and scalping).
If among all the FX systems you found the one that matches all the following query, then you should know, that you’re using Forex EA! 🙂