Get An Expert To Do Your Dental Procedure

Are you looking for an expert to perform a specific dental procedure? Then don’t go to just any other dentist. That’s because you should only go to Dr. Receveur. That’s because he has been receiving extensive training in the management of pain and dysfunction and this is for over 20 years. This is also in association with the head, neck, and jaw. Dr. Receveur has also studied under Dr. Gus Livaditis in the 1980’s. Dr. Livaditis was known to be the one who conducted the early research with acid etch and chemical bonding. This is now popularly used for cosmetic dentistry, especially for enhancements to bond porcelain veneers and acrylics. This is the reason why Dr. Receveur is highly experienced especially in providing smile make-overs. After all, he has been placing porcelain veneers for 25 years.
In addition, he also studied under Alan Weinstein in Cincinnati. He is known for performing clinical tests for dental supply companies. This is to improve the strength, durability and beauty of cosmetic bonding materials. You will find that much of the present day cosmetic dentistry is now possible because of all these early works done by extraordinary men from where Dr. Receveur studied under. Dr. Receveur has been a long-time member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Prior to sedation dentistry, dental procedures were a nightmare for me. Crying before I would even make the appointment. Now, with sedation dentistry, I’m much more relaxed. I absolutely love the team here. I’ve actually driven three hours home from college to come in because I wouldn’t go to any other dentist. You can check out to get more information.