Old Gringo Boots: A Timeless Fashion Trend

The Makers of Quality Product
Old Gringo Company is a newbie in the Western wear market being established only in the year 2000. The company is maybe young, but they are competing stiffly with other companies catering to the same market. Old Gringo boots are among their top-selling products and an epitome of what they truly are: a company selling only quality and fashionable products. Their ultimate goal is to create Western wear combining the best materials with great craftsmen. The beautifully designed products are the result of a diligent study of fashion and art plus the famed one hundred and ten steps done by its skillful craftsmen.
Choosing a Cowboy Boot
Old Gringo boots may have gone through more than a hundred steps, but for consumers who would want to purchase a pair, the following are the basic factors to consider before buying them:
– If you want a custom-made cowboy boots, there is a need to get the precise measurement of the foot and the calf.
– Choose a nice leather material and compliment it with an elegant yet simple design especially for the toe, heel, and boot top. Leather is the best material for a cowboy boots because they are durable and can stand the different types of weather.
– Make sure to fit them on both feet and get the feel of the boots. Making a few steps may help in finally deciding whether they feel comfortable or not. Never choose a pair of boots that are too small or too big.
A Typical Cowboy Boots
Most of those who are into Western wear are aware of the specifics of what a cowboy boot should be made of just like the Old Gringo boots. Cowboy boots are made from leather, but there are some makers that make use of exotic skins taken from snakes, alligator, lizard, snake buffalo, elephant, and a lot more. There are two styles of a cowboy boot:
– The Western or classic style is seen with a high boot shaft reaching the mid-calf and an angled heel at least an inch high. There is a narrow and pointed toe.
– The roper style is the more modern design being newly introduced to the market only. It has a shorter boot shaft just above the ankle but not reaching the middle portion of the calf. It has also a low and squared-off heel shaping the sole of the heel, which is less than an inch high. The toes are rounded, and they are usually manufactured in a lace design seen around the ankle.
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