One Sided Business Card Printing

Printing business cards is a serious matter and you should not be hesitant in spending for it because business cards usually return the investment on them several folds over. One upgrade that may cost a bit but can give your business card an incredible boost is double sided printing. A lot of people only do one sided business card printing where the back is left blank with no details. Most of them think it is the economical choice while not realizing the advantages of double sided printing. If you don’t know about these advantages, then you are in luck. We have listed the advantages of double sided business card printing below. Hopefully this convinces you that there is more to a business card than just your name and contact information.
The first major advantage of double sided business card printing is that your business card will have the ability to hold twice as much information. Of course, this is because you will be able to print details on the front as well as on the back of the business card. This extra space can be filled with a variety of elements such as images, supplemental taglines, quotes, technical information about your profession and many other details. In some cases, some people even place promotional or marketing messages due to that extra space.
This leads us to the second advantage of double sided printing. By using that extra space for a promotional message, your business card gains an additional purpose. Besides establishing a business contact, your card can now also act as a marketing flyer or brochure. For example, you can print a brief statement about your best product on the back of your business card, along with a full color image of it. When you distribute your business card, people will also see that description of your product. This will establish the link between that product and you as the distributor. If your business contact wants to buy or invest in your product, then they will surely know who to call.
Now besides those advantages, having that additional back page printed also makes you stand out among the rest. As stated earlier, people usually just print on one side when it comes to business cards. When people notice that your business card has two sides, this immediately makes a mark on their memory. They will think, “a business card with two sides, interesting”. Even with that brief focus in your business card, this may pave the way for an opportunity in the future. You never know what will happen, but it always pays to be remembered in many ways.
So as you can see, double sided printing for color business cards is a worthy investment Not only does it increase the information that you can give to your business contacts, it gives you a unique recognition because of you card, and also it can double as a marketing tool as well. Combine these three with the usual benefits of a normal business card, and you will have the perfect medium to attract potential business opportunities for you and your company.