Online Business Payment

1. One well known example is PayPal. PayPal can help with payment transactions for personal, business, developers and shopping. Personal is used by people sending money to friends/family for a variety of reasons. Business is used for business owners to accept payments on a website, accept credit cards and invoice with online payments. Developers are for sites that are looking to integrate payment solutions with their software and site.
Shopping is where you can get products from other merchants that are offering you items and services. You can site up to their site and choose a bank to have your payments sent to so you can shop online and receive or send payments securely reducing your exposure to online credit card fraud and other security breeches.
2. is a place for small business to accept payments safely and securely. Here you will find information on how to accept online payments, store payments, mail/order telephone and wireless payments to name a few. They can accept a variety of online payments such as credit cards,, gift cards and signature debit cards. You can manage and monitor transactions through their website. They help with risk management and can help reduce fraud concerns. They also provide free help and documentation with their clients.
3. Verisign is another payment solutions company that can assist your online business. There site protects visitors to your site from malware. They have an identification feature that confirms the persons identity and are the rightful owner of the website. Finally they have 24 hour support to help their clients with questions and concerns.
We have reviewed 3 different payment solutions options with companies such as PayPal, and verisign, all offer payment solutions technology to help payment transactions more secure for you and your clients.