Online Business Strategy Review

Well as promised Gary Gregory has supplied a copy of his new affiliate marketing system. It’s actually still in the draft phase but he says there are only a few small modifications made and that it’ll be released as soon as possible. I have to say that after the very first read, I am pleased! Also, now that I have seen it, I understand why this system can be so effective.
I would be remiss if I simply provided you a five star review and said this system was basically perfect. As in everything should you look hard enough you will find flaws. But I’ll say this; Gary has done a very thorough job with this and it also was not easy to uncover flaw in it. But I did, it’s very minor and you will find it further down the article.
Now on with the review. I will advise you this is lengthy, but I really believe it should be in-depth and impartial.
It’s a fairly substantial manual but I was able to go through it and write down my notes within about 3 hours. Gary offers thorough detail and makes everything really straightforward. I read it very carefully and now I understand why Gary achieves the amount of success that he does.
Can you say No Previous Online Experience Required!
This product will teach you, step-by-step, how to construct high traffic, high revenue web sites which pull targeted visitors from the internet at will. These websites can make you money over and over again even if you have no online experience whatsoever.
First of all it’s designed around a platform which the search engines love, WordPress. It’s not a typical blog not even close. When you develop a M.O.B.S. website it will likely be between twenty to thirty pages even more if you would like. It’s going to be customized to look like a website instead of a weblog. Your site will appear more like an Authority Website than a blog, and that is important in how the website will work.
Next, Gary teaches you how to go about selecting a profitable market one in which there are plenty of buyers that are willing to part with their hard earned money. All you have to do is stand in their path and provide them a soft push so to speak. Picking a profitable market is not as hard as lots of folks make it out to be. I believe that lots of times people over think this one.
Third Gary gives you his secrets to carrying out keyword research. He has a rather distinct angle of attack on this and it is extremely effective. Because as according to him “You get this element wrong and your website is DOOMED”. Gary demonstrates how to find the very best keywords and phrases for your site, those that you will have no problem ranking for. These aren’t merely any keyword/phrases they’re “Buying keyword/Phrases”, they are words that people type into the search box when they’re prepared to make a purchase.
A normal M.O.B.S. website will have a static home page which targets your primary keyword phrase, and then you will have 20 plus pages that are relevant to the main keyword. Each of the webpages target “longtail” keywords (which are not as difficult to rank for). Could you imagine getting twenty or 30 pages which are on page one of Google? Do you realize just how much FREE targeted traffic that could produce? Trust me it’s a definite possibility. That is how powerful My Online Business Strategy can be.
As I said earlier this program is very detailed, it’s designed so that anybody, despite having absolutely no online knowledge before can follow the process and create a prosperous M.O.B.S. site. Gary walks you through every single phase. He has chose to make this course very straightforward. He has provided everything;
* From locating a profitable market.
* The way to do your own keyword research the right way.
* Purchasing a domain name and getting your website hosted.
* How to build your articles, He shows you how to create your content to ensure that it activates your prospective customers and retains them on your site.
* How to modify your theme to become a website.
* The way to set everything up so that it’s Search Engine friendly and they reward you with top search positions.
* He goes into building back links, and exactly what he does if his websites aren’t being ranked exactly where he wants them to.
* He gives you his most closely protected secrets on driving even more targeted traffic to your site.
The M.O.B.S. system is so powerful that, in all probability you will rank on the first page of Google perhaps without any backlink building at all. But if your website is not positioning where it should be, Gary provides you with an in depth plan of how you can turbo charge it to the top of the search engine rankings.
To be truthful with you I had a very hard time attempting to find something that was left out of Gary’s new internet affiliate marketing method, My Online Business Strategy. However this is a review and I wouldn’t be doing a very good job if I said it was fantastic. The only flaw that I discovered was in the “On-Page SEO”, Gary outlines “On-Page SEO” like this;
1. Your Domain Name Needs To Include Your Primary Keyword/Phrase.
2. Your Title Tag must include your keyword/phrase, your primary keyword for your home page as well as your supporting keywords for their corresponding pages.
3. He says your keyword density should be somewhere between 2% to 4% or about every 75 or so words.
4. He says your meta keywords should contain your main keyword phrase and a few related keywords
5. The keyword/phrase for the corresponding webpage should be in the meta description
6. I agree with all of this but I’d add this;
7. You are permitted 165 characters in your Meta description, therefore if you can add your keyword phrase 2 times why not do it, as long as it sounds good; do not simply stuff it in there.
8. You must have your primary keyword phrase for that page within the H1 tag.
9. The keyword/phrase your page is focusing on ought to be within the first ninety characters of the very first sentence and again in the very last sentence of your page.
It all help’s the search engines determine what your page is about. It’s been my experience that these small alterations can make a difference. It may well end up being that a M.O.B.S. website doesn’t require my little adders, I’ll learn when I build my first site, which I’ve already begun to do.
For those of you that do possess experience, don’t believe for 1 minute that you will not obtain anything from this training course, I definitely have. The way in which Gary does his keyword research, the area regarding how to supercharge your site to the top of the search engine rankings and the section on Gary’s most closely protected strategies of how to generate additional targeted traffic to your website are “Gold Nuggets” which should not be passed up.
Oh gees I nearly forgot one particular “Very Important Thing”, if you want a fast track to success Gary has a very unique OTO (One Time Offer) for you. This is worth the full cost of the course all by itself. It is only accessible to people that buy the program. No one else! Heck I’m going to buy the system merely so i can get the OTO!
My conclusion;
If you have ever entertained the idea of quiting your day job or if you’ve ever wanted to start up an internet business I say this, Run do not walk, to your computer and order the system. You are basically certain to be successful. The only variable that Gary has no influence over is YOU. Dedicate yourself to this program and it will work. You will be able to duplicate it again and again and possess multiple M.O.B.S. sites all earning you a good amount of cash.