People’s View about Landmark Education

People have their own perceptions about Landmark Education. For the graduates, apparently they will share positive things but there are also unavoidable negative views. I enrolled for the Curriculum for Living and all I can say is that this was the most excellent decision that I have done for myself.
At first I must admit that being in the organization is not easy for me. I need to put aside my suspicions and ego to see the concept of personal development as well as what Landmark’s purposes are. There were times when I felt superior and times that I am in the lowest throughout the sessions. But the down times push me to remain open minded.
The matters discussed in Landmark are not rocket science. I have noticed that the basic concepts and messages from different societies are the same and with Landmark Forum the manner that they teach their curriculum is what sets them apart from others.
I like that Landmark Education. is hands-on and you cannot substitute it for doing something like what you can experience here because you do it in a group setting. You can hear others sharing their stories that you can also apply to your life.
You would spend a few hundred dollars to participate in the programs but everything is worth it. What I’ve got from the programs is priceless. It is not a bad investment after all. There are websites that are dedicated for graduates in order to have connections to other graduates and that is through