Reclaim PPI and save 40% a month in bank payments

Having a hard time paying your mortgage or your loans? A mis sold PPI can make one pay a lot more than he should for his loan. To save some money, you only have to pay more attention to your policy insurance. If you reclaim PPI loans you can pay a lot less a moth for every one of your loans or get a PPI compensation for paid credits. By reclaiming all your monthly bank payments can be reduced by 40% that is almost half of the amount which you pay today for your loan.
Is your credit already paid? You still have the right to a compensation which can most of the time exceed 7000 pounds. Why should the bank use this money when you could?
You can receive compensation if your credit is still on roll or if it is long time closed. Banking companies build up fortunes out of this money, just because people have no idea that they can reclaim PPI. The PPI compensation belongs to you every time there is a money difference between the first amount sold and the amount paid to the present day. A mis sold PPI can bring a lot more money to the bank, in the disadvantage of the bank loaner.
But you can not get this money by yourself; you will have to get a claiming company to help you. By paining 8% of the amount you claim, you could have your money in no time.