Restore Good Credit Rating: Opt For Automobile Title Loans

Now that you are facing a pink slip-generated financial emergency, a loan seems the only way out to solve impending problems such as a mortgage installment. But you are unsure of being able to avail one considering your credit record. If that’s what you are thinking, you are highly mistaken. Automobile title loans not only take care of your immediate financial concerns but also provide you with an opportunity to correct your bad credit rating as a timely payment is read as a good credit score by credit bureaus.What is an automobile title loan?When you are in dire need of instant cash, automobile title loans are a wise option if you are the title owner of your automobile. Automobile title loans are short-term loans, usually with a 30-day repayment cycle, although flexible options may be offered by some lenders. Your automobile is the collateral against your loan. The interest rates are pretty high for these loans, for example 25% for one month. Most automobile title loan policies include roll-over plans. This means that your loan can be renewed as many as six times over if you miss your payment when due. On the flip side, roll-overs are usually a trap laid down by lenders as each roll-over comes with a higher rate of interest. Thus, you could end up paying far more than the principle amount if you happen to be careless. The lender can reclaim your automobile if you default and earn enormous profits from resale.Therefore, it is best to consider the pros and cons of availing an automobile title loan, especially with respect to your own credibility to fulfill the specified obligations and ability to conform to the conditions applying to it because the risks involved are many.How Does an Automobile Title Loan Help Rebuild Credit?Taking into account the risk issues involved with an automobile title loan, you may wonder how it will help you rebuild your credit-worthiness. All you have to do is check with yourself if you can repay the loan on time before deciding to go for it. Credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion keep track of borrowers and their payment patterns, which is converted into a FICO score. This score determines your ability to borrow and is accessed by lenders to weigh the risks of issuing a loan to a certain customer. A high score increases your credit-worthiness and you easily climb one up on this meter by a timely payment of your automobile title loan.