Small Business Health Insurance

“Are you looking for the plan that you and your employees deserve? Are you growing, and want to attract quality talent to your business team? Learn how you can save cash, while keeping your business happy and healthy.”
As a small business owner, you understand that your employees are your lifeline. Your success as a company is only as good as their combined efforts. And the good workers are so valuable because they…
* Increase efficiency, and productivity
* Provide a significant return on investment.
* Reassure you that your company is in capable hands.
Providing a benefits package will improve your relationship with workers. And while there are numerous advantages for employees, there are benefits for you as well…
You will increase employee loyalty, which reduces resignations.
You will get premium quality care. Employer-sponsored health plans generally guarantee approval for pre-existing conditions, and keep your valuable team functioning at a hundred percent.
You and your employees will save on taxes. Small business owners get a substantial tax credit. And plan premiums can be paid for with pre-taxed dollars, putting cash back into your workforce’s pockets.
Finding the plan you want
Picking up the phone and looking in the yellow pages can get you started. But since your online now, use the resources available to you on the web. There are websites like Gohealthinsurance and Ehealthinsurance that provide quotes that you can compare. And there also known providers like Allstate, Aetna, The Hartford, and Blue Cross that have customer friendly websites.
When you have an idea of the plan it you want, it doesn’t hurt to get some professional advice. The more a representative knows about your situation, the better. Don’t decide on your own, and miss out on significant discounts or details.