Summer Paradise promotions through Live Chat

I run this patch of paradise which is frequented by summer lovers and surf buddies. Having your own beach resort/surf school business definitely is a dream job. Summer bodies sizzling under the golden sun together with the night rave parties by the beach and the bonfire are those not present in your usual job description. But what we do share with other business is that people always want to be in the loop regarding your business. We have an operational website which promotes and showcases our beautiful place together with our amenities and other attractions. Also an added perk is our instant customer service correspondence center through a live chat which is powered by livemoz.
Customers always ask questions, and they demand answers right away. That is the live chat software provided by livemoz for free is a very useful and effective tool not just in customer relations but also in advertisement and promotions. I am now able to talk directly with my customers through chat and address their needs instantly. Also livemoz has operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This enables me to be always in touch with customers any time of the day.
The livemoz service uses the latest in conversion optimization technology which helps promote my business. People need to be always reminded of my business and I intend to reach out to them. Don’t be left out of the loop, and seize this unique opportunity. No hassle, no costs; just plain helpful.