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Keeping An Eye On Your Personal Finances

The majority of us are sticklers for finances at work, but often disregard our personal finance at home. For those who are not accountants, the process of keeping financial records and ensuring all financial items are squared away can be quite boring and often confusing. Instead of ignoring your personal

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Open Source Goes Mainstream

We lawyers have noticed a trend: in the early days, open source software was seen as renegade stuff, unsuitable for mainstream business. Increasingly, however, businesses are utilising open source technology for a wide range of technology including fundamentals such as the operating software. Red Hat is the most recognised commercial

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Personal Finance Advice – Where Can you Find One

Good personal finance advice is available to all but what you need is more than just good advice. You need someone with the expertise, experience and the connections to make your financial planning work. Financial planning is not merely putting up a savings plan, it’s all about future financial stability

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