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Tips for Saving When Traveling in a Group

Traveling in a group? You are the holiday packagers dream! Imagine being able to offload bulk airline seats, rail passes and entertainment packages in one booking. A group traveling is a wanted commodity and because of this you can secure great deals for your group. But as always, beware of

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Legal Marketing Agency Offers Tips for Law Firms on Development of 2009 Marketing Budgets ? Advises Against Cutting Corners

With the uncertainty of the economy, legal marketing agency Beyond All Reasonable Doubt Marketing is advising law firms to take a serious look at their budgets. While marketing, advertising and public relations dollars frequently are cut to reduce expenses, marketing experts agree that a down economy is actually the time

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Tips For Choosing a Hobby

When it comes to choosing the hobby you feel is best to occupy your precious and limited spare time, there are many factors that should contribute to your decision. A hobby is an investment of time. It also can be an investment of money and commitment. Many people choose to

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