The Easiest Way To Get A Babysitter Business Card

Business cards are an important tool for most regular companies. Typical cards include contact information and of course the company name. These marketing tools are a first impression for the customer. When a babysitter offers a prospective client their card, it immediately sets them apart from the competition and adds an air of professionalism to the relationship.
Simply having your own babysitter business card will set you apart. But if you can also make the card stand out with a memorable design, that will be an added bonus. Coming up with a design can be tough. It shouldn’t be cluttered and difficult to understand. You want your customers to simply find a phone number and give you a call. You want all of the needed information neatly displayed on your card; but how much information is too much information? How do you fit all your information on the card? What fonts are recommended?
A typical business card would have name of employee, company name, phone number and fax number, mailing address, e-mail address and website. A babysitter card doesn’t need a company name- you are the company! If you have a cell phone, make sure that number is prominent, as well as your home phone number and any email address you check regularly. You can also give your Facebook name so that possible clients can find and contact you there. But make sure there is nothing on your page that would make them distrust you or choose to hire someone else.
There are a lot of possible arrangements for information on a business card, but there are a few common guidelines for where to place it. A horizontal layout is the most used format. Some people may choose a vertical layout as well. The person’s name is usually the most prominent text item on the card. This is placed in the centre or upper corner of the card. The font used for the name should be bolder and larger than the contact information.
Regular business cards usually have a logo to go along with it as well. This logo is usually placed at the top or upper left of the card. Some websites let you design logos and some printer sites may offer this option, but it is not essential for babysitter cards. Contact information is usually placed in the lower half. If you have a preferred way of being contacted, by phone or mail, it is usually in a bolder font. Sometimes a tagline or brief description of the work performed is helpful, something like “Reliable Babysitting Service” or “Ask about my weekday discounts!”
The easiest way to get a babysitter business card is to go online and design it at a reputable printer, then get it shipped to you within a few days. The added business you get and the higher fees you can charge due to your professionalism will be paid back many times over.