The pressure of a name!

Your domain name is the beginning of your online establishment. Search Engines love keyword rich domain names as they are easy to relate to. You also need to keep in mind that your domain name should be easy for your clients to remember .
Try and incorporate the most searched for keywords in your domain name. Use a dot .com extension as most people as a habit will type .com at the end of your URL. Your domain name should give clients a gist of what your business is about. It should be easy to remember and should increase the sites’ page rank. A domain name can be up to 67 characters long. However, some people suggest that a short domain name is easier to remember, while others argue that short names can be confusing and hence longer names are preferable. For eg: “” and “”. I suggest you go for shorter but meaningful names. However, if you can’t find domain name, a longer name with keywords is also accepted.
So now that you know how to choose a domain name, decide a domain name and log on to to check the availability and register you domain name.