The readers in my library are not disturbed by cell phones anymore.

I am a librarian and I have finally fewer moments during my work which really made me angry. Most of you might now that ringing cell phone are not very appreciated in libraries, since they are annoyingly disturbing the silence which is needed for concentrated research. Unfortunately some either don’t understand the many signs with the crossed out cell phones on it or they are just too ignorant. Thus, there were quite some incidents in my library when ringing cell phones made my blood pressure increase. But that is all past now, since I found a device which makes cell phones unusable within the library. This device is called cell phone signal jammer. It is transmitting radio waves, which are disturbing the frequency of the cell phones, making them unusable in the area the radio waves are transmitted by the phone jammer. Since the time I installed it I have now peace in my library and also other visitors appreciate my installation of the mobile jammer.
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