VoIP Phone Systems: Pros and Cons

The advanced development of internet technology enables you to communicate with people from all over the planet in real time. It is called voip phone systems.  Voice over Internet protocol technology establishes communication by sending voice communication and phone service over the internet and offers more benefits than traditional phones. On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages.

Compared to traditional phone system, voip phone systems allow you to save your voice mail messages into email as data. You can also mirror office phones on computer desktops to use anywhere that there is an internet connection.  Now you can even coordinate mobile devices, office phones, and computers to work together in real time. This system is called unified or integrated communications.

One of the most significant benefits of using the voip phone systems is that you save money. It is true that voip phone has lower cost than the traditional phone system. Primarily, the phone and internet will be delivered through the same cabling so you will save costs affiliated with wiring the system. Another benefit is that VoIP system don’t depend on location. So, whether you are out of the city, state, or even across the world, there will be no difference in terms of connectivity and cost for you to communicate. VoIP comes with an interoffice four-digit dial that allows you to make calls from wherever you are.

Apart from the advantages above, you should realize the disadvantages the voip phone systems bring. First of all, it is related to internet requirements. This means it would be impossible for you to make the voice connection when there is no available internet connection. In addition, when you install voip phone systems you must have adequate bandwidth because the data and voice uses the same cable. Insufficient bandwidth will slow your connection and affect the quality of your call.

Furthermore, internet phone or voip phone has a few security issues. These issues include the possibility of your phone system to be accessed by spyware. For example, there is ‘Packet sniffers’ that allow hackers to eavesdrop on your conversations. However, the worse is that ‘dialers’ used by theives gives them the ability to direct phone calls through your internet connection and call costly numbers. So its highly recommended that you equip your business internet phone system with firewall security that integrates with your voip phone systems.

Sometimes you might experience jittery sound, echo, or lost calls when using voip phone systems. When this internet-based phone technology first developed there were problems with the sound quality. Today, the technology of voip phones have improved and the sounds produced are more reliable and clear. Now you can see that voice call through internet has more benefits than traditional phones.

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