With a Dance Music Video, Be a Self-made Artist!

When you hear of an artist releasing a dance music video, the images of gyrating bodies and sexual innuendos set into motion amidst colorful lights naturally come to mind. In every sense of the word, it truly is a feast for the visual and auditory senses, not to mention that your body wants to get its groove, as well!
Thanks to Me-Media and the emergence of YouTube, you can be a self-made star like Mia Rose, who has has 35 million hits on the channels, or Marie Digby with 2 million hits. You simply have to put your dancing and filmmaking talents together to shoot a dance music video!
People For Hire
When creating a music video, you must go one step higher than home videos of yourself and your friends dancing to “Thriller”. These are the people you must gather:
* The back-up dancers must be suitable. They should not overshadow you, but rather, complement you. You are the dance video’s star, after all!
* The choreographer has to enhance your strengths and know your limitations. If you’re specialty is the crip walk and the Harlem shake, then those steps must be enhanced. But if your choreographer can show you fresh steps, hire him on the spot!
* The director is the point man for your music video. Consider your budget and his expertise before you choose one.
* The cameraman should know his thing. After all, you want all your best angles captured!
The images of sexual suggestions and dancing bodies amidst colorful lights come to mind when you see a dance music video. In every sense of the word, it truly is a feast for the visual and auditory senses, not to mention that your body wishes to get its groove, as well!
Without these professionals, your dance music video won’t be complete. Based on your budget, you can also get an optional photography director and production designer. You can even get a choreographer who will also serve as back-up, or a director/cameraman in one. However, do not even think about doing it all alone because that’s just impossible.
Your Video Shoot
Before you shoot the video, you should have a storyboard with a clear idea of what you wish to achieve. Decide which factor you want focused on – your dance moves, or the special effects.
Don’t be disheartened if you have to re-shoot scenes. Even the most experienced stars have to do this, too. You want your dance music video to be as polished as possible.
Upload the Video
When you’re finally done, upload your video to YouTube. Then why not make another while waiting for those hits? You will be giving J.Lo a run for her money!
Your video can be broadcasted in many ways, the most popular of which is YouTube. Then you can relax and gnash your teeth while you wait for the hits to come. Or, you can make another one! Hollywood, here you come!

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